Grow, Unite &
Build Africa

GUBA Enterprise is a social enterprise organisation dedicated to the advancement of diaspora Africans and Africans back home through various socio – economic programs and initiatives. 

The GUBA Awards programme seeks to reward, celebrate excellence and innovation of African individuals and organisations in the diaspora and back home that works to the advancement, empowerment and progression of the African community in the Diaspora.

The GUBA Foundation is an initiative set up to tackle social issues and foster development of people of African heritage. The foundation has embarked on various social projects and interventions in area of education, health and economic empowerment.

The GUBA Trade Expo is a platform for Small and Medium Businesses to exhibit their products/services in the United Kingdom, whilst engaging with industry personnel on business growth strategies. The main focus of the expo is to encourage entrepreneurship, achieved through various workshops and seminars at each expo.

The GUBA Diaspora Card is a unique loyalty card that offers discounts of up to 40% to individuals on goods and services in Ghana! The card is available for people living in Ghana and abroad.

The GUBA Diaspora Network (GDN) is a membership based network for African Diasporans and returnees of various heritage who want to connect, planning to relocate or those who simply want to do business with Ghana and invest in the country.

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The GUBA Awards this year seeks to celebrate historical heroes/heroines. Under the theme ‘Honouring Beacons of Excellence and Inspiration’ the Awards strive to convey the power of determination and focus.

If ever there was a time to unite and celebrate the best of diversity, it is now. It is incredibly important to recognize the achievements of role models and community organizations across the world that deserve recognition for their work and impact, so that we as Africans, can tell our own stories.

The GUBA Awards, therefore, aim to reward individuals who continue to persist and show great courage within their various fields.